5 Genius Way To Brighten Up Your Home with These Home Decor Tips

There’s a world of inspiration out there to try! The way you decorate your home is a reflection of your creative vision. But you don’t have to be intimidated by the thought of imagining a whole new theme. 

Some people might have an idea of what they want, but don’t know where to start. Others have the paintbrush gripped tight and are ready to dive in. 

In fact, there are foolproof tricks that the pros use to add light through design details. From painting the ceiling to layering in accessories, we rounded up our favourite tips to help you let the light in. 

1. Brighten Up Your Walls


Picking lighter colours for your walls, especially soft pastels, can make rooms look more spacious. On top of that, it creates a radiant atmosphere for your home. 

Try using cream, or even light grey. For a more cheerful ambience, you can experiment with bright yellow or dusty pink.  

2) Go Naturally Green

Explore the opportunity to bring in some natural beauty, with vibrant pot plants or hanging vines that add a wonderful dash of green to your home. Indoor plants can also be a great way to help contribute to a healthier home.


Try a plant hanger stand in the corner of the room that suspends different pots and plants, offering a great opportunity to mix and match colour.

A style that fuses the outdoors and indoors makes a more welcome atmosphere that lovingly extends your living space.

3) Be Mindful of Paintings

Art is a wonderful way to introduce a beautiful aesthetic to a home, offering an opportunity for statement style, or a more subtle addition of colour and pattern. 

You love your art, but do you love it more than a healthy dose of vitamin D? Save your large, dark artworks for rooms that aren’t short on light. If you cover a wall with paintings or posters, they will absorb the little sunlight streaming into your space rather than reflect it. 

4) Making The Most Of Mirrors

While you don’t want to go glossy on the walls (remember: glare), reflective surfaces can play to your advantage when it comes to bouncing light. For a room with limited sunlight, opt for glimmering items such as acrylic accents, translucent furniture, and mirrored surfaces like a reflective coffee table. 


Mirrors are great tools when you’re looking to breathe new life into a space. They do a lot of things for something so simple – they make spaces look brighter, and a stylish mirror just makes a room look better in general.

A large mirror in a small room can also add more depth to it, by giving the illusion that the room is actually bigger than it really is!

When placing mirrors, always bear in mind what's going to be reflected in it. You could hang a mirror on any free wall space, but whatever is reflected will have more importance placed on it.

If you hang a mirror opposite a lovely painting, it will give the painting more emphasis. The same can be said if the mirror reflects something less appealing.

Hanging a mirror across from a window is also a good choice, as it will increase the amount of natural light the room receives. These are simple home decorating ideas designed to illuminate a better space to live.

5) Consider Your Ceilings

One of the best ways to bring more light into a room is with a high-gloss paint colour, and a ceiling is the perfect spot to experiment with this design choice. A glossy ceiling finish reflects light well, and it adds an unexpected element to a room


When painting your room, consider the ceiling as well. The general rule is that ceilings that are a lighter colour than your walls tend to feel higher, and darker ones feel lower.

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